Introduction about ZenDoc

ZenDoc – the backbone of ZenKlass documents. Despite its seemingly blank appearance, this simplicity holds its charm, as we offer a comprehensive toolkit for your instructional endeavors through an intuitive slash menu. This menu grants you access to our editor equipped with building blocks, empowering you to swiftly construct captivating courses. By utilizing ZenDoc, you can effortlessly upload and integrate various content and media files.

For PDF files, we present PDF annotation functionalities that enable both educators and students to highlight, annotate, and even attach audio and video materials directly onto the PDFs. These annotations and feedback are neatly stored within the highlight section on the right-hand side, granting swift access to your notes. Furthermore, we facilitate the integration of third-party websites into ZenDoc for streamlined material organization. For instance, you can seamlessly interact with embedded Google Slides, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and YouTube videos.

Beyond this, you can employ quiz blocks to establish an assignment system, facilitating learner evaluation and progress tracking through automated grading. Alternatively, you have the option to provide personalized feedback and comments on your students' work using our comment features. ZenDoc also serves as a versatile tool for crafting detailed student reports, showcasing their learning journey via embedded data analytics, charts, and tables.