Create a premium learning experience with white-label

Take control of every element, from the user interface to course content, to deliver a personalized and effective learning experience.

What we support:

1. Custom branding: Your Logo, Your Identity

We replaces ZenClass's logo with your logo everywhere you see it on the site, serving as a cornerstone of your brand identity and offering immediate recognition.

2. Custom domain: Use your domain ( for your organization destination.

Your students will be able to access to their learning directly from your domain(exp: .com)

3. Customized email notifications

  • Change subject title and text from ZenClass team to your organization (i.e AMCE Group)
  • Remove ZenClass link in footer of email.
  • Custom mail server.

What we don’t support:

Student mobile app:

  • Name and logo of ZenClass app have to stay due to Apple's policies