ZenDoc Blocks

ZenDoc offers a variety of content blocks that you can include, ranging from bullet lists and images to embeds. Below is an exhaustive compilation of content formats, organized into the corresponding sections found in our block menu (accessible through the / or + command).

Basic blocks

  • To-do list: Checkboxes for tasks and such.
  • Heading 1: The largest heading, can be easily added with shortcut /h1.
  • Heading 2: The medium-sized heading, can be easily added with shortcut /h2.
  • Heading 3: The smallest heading, can be easily added with shortcut /h3.
  • Table: Creates a simple set of columns and rows.
  • Bulleted list: Bullets. Shortcut - + space.
  • Numbered list: Indents your list and automatically generates the next number.
  • Quote: Creates larger text to break quotes out from the rest of your document.
  • Divider: Creates a thin gray line to break up text. Shortcut ---.


  • Audio Record: Create an audio record for recording.
  • Video Record: Create a video record for recording.


  • Info notice: Add a information block.
  • Tip notice: Add a tip block.
  • Warning notice: Add a warning block.


  • Class grade chart
  • Rating input


  • Single choice/Multiple choice: Create an single choice/multiple choice quiz question.
  • Fill in Blank: Create a fill in the blank question.


  • Youtube: Embed a video player from Youtube.
  • Blackboard: Embed blackboard for interactive learning.
  • Embed